909, 2021

Kefita Rising – September 2021 update

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Build progress is right on track with all parking floors now complete and the unique KEFITA floor now under construction. The KEFITA floor is the first of its kind in an Addis apartment building, offering luxury, Western-style facilities to residents and their guests, including a gym, meeting and work spaces, and a coffee lounge.

309, 2021

Hugely successful Ethiopian Investment Forum

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The Rockstone Ethiopia-sponsored "Ethiopian Investment Forum" was the first event of its kind and was hugely successful. The event took place simultaneously in London, Addis Ababa and online, with over 1000 registrants and has received nothing by positive feedback from all who attended. The live event was hosted by Rockstone Ethiopia in the Hyatt Regency, Addis, and at the Addis Fine Art gallery in London. The event was opened by His Excellency Ambassador Melesse Teferi Desta speaking from the Ethiopian Embassy in London. A panel discussion about the investment case and climate in Ethiopia followed with Philippe Vogeleer, Global Head of Business Development for Vodafone, Greg Metro, Managing Director of Cerberus Frontier, Addis Alemayehou, one of Ethiopias foremost and best known businessmen and founder of Kazana Group and Chef Yohanis, leader of the new

3108, 2021

Kefita wins African Property Award

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We are thrilled to have won an award at the African Property Awards, the continent's most prestigious property prize. Rockstone Ethiopia engaged with teams from Ethiopia and Europe to develop their vision of what luxury living in a 21st century Africa can look like. Architects Urko Sanchez have extensive experience working in the continent of Africa and all this knowledge and deep empathy for the rich heritage and environment has come to the fore in Kefita. Local engineers and architects Bigar have been instrumental in bringing the project to life, and Cerberus Frontier have had their decision to back the project fully justified. All enquiries should use the contact page of this website.

2107, 2021

Online Diaspora Investment Forum 2nd Sept 2021

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ROCKSTONE Ethiopia and Cerberus Frontier present… Online Diaspora Investment Forum Thursday, 2nd September 2021 from 4:00pm (GMT+1) Register for free at https://evntreg.com/embassy-london/ Rockstone Ethiopia is a real estate developer and investment manager. It opened its offices in Ethiopia in 2019 and focuses is on high-end residential and commercial real estate projects, with a typical project size of $25-75 million, in prime CBD or residential locations, providing professional services, modern designs, and sustainable construction qualities. Currently developing projects worth $500 million, ROCKSTONE combines real estate know-how with its own principal capital and active real estate management. Rockstone Ethiopia has invested 1 Billion Birr to build KEFITA|ከፍታ, a G+20 exclusive gated apartment building off Embassy Row in the Signal district of Addis Abeba. ‘KEFITA’ an Amharic name meaning ‘heights’ neatly sums up Rockstone’s intentions. KEFITA is

1407, 2021

Kefita is rising…

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KEFITA has come out of the ground! Our contractor Hua Hong Construction PLC has completed the construction of the foundation, retaining walls, basement and first floor slab. Despite a nationwide cement shortage, we are thrilled that construction has been able to stay on track. Thorough quality and strength tests ensure compliance to European, British and US standards. Keep an eye out for regular updates as the build progresses.

2106, 2021

Nya Buys Apartment 76

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I have been envisioning and praying for a cause to bring me back to Ethiopia my whole adult life, at some points more fiercely than others. The only thing I had not yet figured out is how. That wondering, and becoming a woman who could create a life for myself in Addis, took nearly 10 years to form. Last summer, when I heard about KEFITA and what was coming to Addis Ababa, it was an instant knowing, I had to get involved and also anchor myself as one of the residents in this beautiful vision. Until the development of KEFITA had entered my atmosphere, there was nowhere else I could see myself living in Ethiopia. I have done my due diligence and toured the competition - I have not seen anything like this project.

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