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    Use the form below to find out more about KEFITA or to book a site visit.
    To speak to us directly please call +251 91 108 7830 (or 7997 in Addis).

      Render of the internal courtyard in Kefita

      ROCKSTONE Ethiopia Real Estate PLC
      Mike Leyland St, NB Business Complex,
      7th floor Suite 703B
      Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
      Phone: +251-116-663699
      Email: [email protected]
      Web: Rockstone

      Ethiopia is the birthplace of humanity and lies at the heart of this great continent. A land of great diversity, rich heritage and enormous opportunity, it carries its great influence as the seat of African Union power and diplomacy with deep respect and humility.

      Kefita embodies Ethiopia’s past, present and future.

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